Dawson was located along an old Indian trail that led from Clear Lake, Illinois, to Buffalo Hart, Illinois. It was named after John Dawson , a member of a political group in Illinois in the 1830's led by Abraham Lincoln that advocated moving the state capitol from Vandalia to Springfield. Dawson was incorporated in 1883.

Village Presidents

 Name Term
 Paul "Dee" Smith 2017-Present
Jeremy Nunes 2013-2017
Robert Day 1993-2013
Lewis Ashton 1981-1993
Harvey L. Davis 1975-1981
Robert D. Garrett 1965-1975
Orville Burnett 1961-1965
Lawrence Gulso 1953-1961
Keith Davenport 1949-1953
Lloyd Abbott 1935-1949
George Mier 1927-1935
Albert Estrop 1925-1927
George Mier 1923-1925
J.M. Large 1890-??
T.W. Bracken 1883-1890

Current Officials

Village President

Paul "Dee" Smith (2017)

Village Clerk

Lynda Files (2018)


 Terri Davis-Anderson (2021)
Jake Byerline (2019*)
Josh Nibbe (2021)
Robin Ashton-Hale (2019)
Jeremy Bounds (2021)
Nancy Prytherch (2019)

* denotes a two year appointment of a four year position

Appointed Officials

Village Attorney
Provides legal counsel to the Village of Dawson as needed.
Steve Scott, Scott & Scott

Village Engineer
Provides engineering services to the Village of Dawson as needed. Also helps locate and apply for grant opportunities.
Kevin Kuhn, Kuhn & Trello

Water Superintendent
Responsible for all physical operations of the Dawson Municipal Water Department.
Interim Operator- Jordan Lyons

Public Works Supervisor
Responsible for all village maintenance duties. 
Tyler Abbott

Water Clerk
Responsible for all clerical transactions of the Dawson Municipal Water Department.
Jo D. Prytherch

Monitors and helps coordinate all financial transactions of the Village of Dawson.
Jo D. Prytherch

ESDA Coordinator
Volunteer position that plans efforts and responses prior to any disaster, as well as coordinates all efforts in the event of a disaster.

Assistant ESDA Coordinator
Volunteer position that assists the ESDA Coordinator in planning for and responding to disaster recovery.
Dee Smith